My Broken Brain

Nevermind (cipher)

February 21, 2007

Damn, since HTML and CSS is sooo lubberly, our site will be a little glitched until we figure some things out. But don't worry, our comics are still visible! Thank goodness for that. The links don't work very well either, but we'll get everything shipshape in the next week.

Welcome to the New MBB (cipher)

February 21, 2007

Everyone, it's finally here. You might've noticed, that we FINALLY have an all new look! It took a lot of effort, coding, and caffienated drinks on both nano's and my part. Thanks to our "lives" being drained by other projects, we haven't been putting our attention to this site. But now we're ready to put MBB on our main focus. Thank you fans, there's more to come! So stay in tune.

News Update (nano)

Nov. 9

I debugged some rendering errors in Internet Explorer. God I hate that browser.

News Update (nano)

Nov. 4

You may have noticed the new and improved style. Well, thats because we have a new member in our comic drawing group, my friend Cipher Phoenix! YAAAY! You can just call me NanoMan, Nanoscopic, nano........ yeah. More good news, I set up an account at comic genesis so we'll be moving there in a few moments..

News Update

Nov. 3

I'm planning to change hosts in a few days. Oh, and that guy in comic #2 is Ted Stevens. "The internet is a series of tubes". After about ten comics I'll start trying to make an archive of all the comics. And make these pages more interesting. I mean look at em. Gray squares.

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